Art Assignment 001

Art Assignment 001

The Pen and Ink Solution;

15 possibilities, and you only get to choose one.  Start with the first person, and they choose one topic.  The second chooses a different one, the third another different one, etc. If you have more than 4 people, choose the top 3 and start getting creative!  Start the first topic, and finish the rest at your convenience.

Creative types are known to be secretive with their work, and not share it with anyone (myself included).  Out of the three drawings, choose your favourite and explain where the ideas come from, what you like about it, and what you would revise.

We’ll get together in 2 weeks time to review and post the results!

Bonus points: Redo the drawing in your spare time – and show us!

Drawing Topics:

– The new Queen of Hearts.
– A light-bulb moment – what is it?
– What Did the Fox Say?
– 10 Different Expressions
– Draw you, drawing
– Draw each other
– A wounded tree of life
– If music be the food of life, then dance on.
– Coffee – Creative Lighter Fluid!
– Draw your pet, use a personality pose
– Superhero drawing – of an animal
– A decorated skull
– Self portrait – but not using a mirror
– Someone is falling
– Cartography – draw a map of your dream

Happy Drawing!